Kepler 62 & Other Shitty Love Songs

by Bernie And The Wolf

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This album is for people who dig distant stars and shameless love, punkulele and dancing in the dark. Self recorded and performed by just the two of us =)


released March 25, 2015

Bernadette Conant
Erik Lobo



all rights reserved


Bernie And The Wolf Chicago, Illinois

Indie rock duo Bernie & The Wolf is taking you back to school with smooth grooves and good old-fashioned songwriting.

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Track Name: Dating Sux
This first few months of dating suck
don't know why everybody hypes it up so much
filled with awkward kisses and nervous laughs
don't know you well enough to pass gas
oh my, I'm so glad those days have passed us by

'cuz now I feel so much safer getting high with you
and everything is more fun when you can act a fool
and theres no hesitating when I say I love you
and the best part is I think you think so too

The first few months of dating suck
I wish I knew that while I was growing up
thought we were doing something wrong
why didn't it flow like it does in every love song
well now I know that all those songs are wrong


Hey! you're great ;)
so lets go on a date
so that I can sit there awkwardly with nothing to say
because I don't want to offend you and I don't want to seem rude
but I got this funny feeling that no matter what I do
I'll scare you away
well now I'm glad that that day never came


we're not doing nothing wrong
love is something you should grow on
I've got one more thing for you
your breath stinks as much as I love
tee hee
Track Name: Kepler 62
Kepler 62
only 1200 light years away from you
found you on a planet that is named Kepler too
along with five other planets that are orbiting you
like Kepler's E and F
you are so far away
even with our modern technology today
it'd take about 5.4 billion years to reach you
it's true

your atmosphere is just right
well not exactly for us
but it is habitable for life
even though the chances are hanging on the edge of knife
Kepler you're alright for something out there
someone out there

Kepler 62
only 1200 light years away from you
right now there isn't much that anyone can do
but tonight I'll wish on you

Kepler 62twoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Track Name: Shitty Love Song
I was just bored with myself one day and I decided to make
a pretty love song on my ukulele
I'll sing about coffee put in some other cliches right here
that's how much I love you
it's just a cheesy kinda day

wherever you go
whatever you do my baby blue oh I will love you
enough to write a shitty love song
as sweet as you
I'll even play it on my uke
'cuz that's what you do in shitty love songs
and did I mention that I love you

wrecking my mind tryin to write this next line
but I'll procrastinate
as I think back to all the crazy things you do and say
like remember that time I got shit faced
and you came to hold up my hair
and told me you love me for the first time
that day


oh look what you do
you've turned me into
one on those people who sit around all afternoon
writing shitty love songs